The Secret to Scaling Up Salon Business

Maximize your salon business with our curriculum – designed specifically for you. We’ll cover everything you need to know about the salon and hairdressing business, from the roots to the tips.

Whether you’re a Salon Chain, a group of Hairdressers from a Salon, or an individual, our education format is tailored to your specific needs. Bespoke courses that vary in specialties and cover all areas of Hairdressing & Makeup.

Consulting Overview

  • Inspirational Creative Seminars
  • Business Development
  • Developing Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Innovative Techniques
  • Team Building

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Creating New Opportunities

Our courses are designed to help hair professionals tap into their creativity and develop their unique styles. Our short-term courses can be a great addition to your consultancy program, making it an even more valuable experience.

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How it Works

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Craft Session

A telephonic or in-person meeting
with Vipul Chudasama

“Founder of Enrich Salon & Academy”

We have a concept of Planet Enrich. We believe that Enrich is like an ecosystem that has been nurtured over the years by everyone who has been a part of the company. And we have them to thank for wherever we've reached today in our ongoing journey. Vipul has been an exceptional contributor to this journey during his significant tenure here and after. If Enrich is known for its intense focus and investments in education, Vipul was one of the early torchbearers of this faith. Using his considerable experience on the floor, he led the effort in training the technician team in the hairstyling discipline and setting the bar high. Vipul also represented Enrich in various competitions, won awards, and went on to be a part of the country's first Dream Team as India made its mark internationally in the domain. Even today, Vipul contributes by doing training sessions at our Academy, which he helped set the foundation for. He is part of every celebration on Planet Enrich, just as we are a part of his journey.

“Founder of Mirrors Luxury Salon”

Vipul can be reckoned as one of India's most creative and innovative forces in hairdressing teaching. As a fantastic artist and educator- His energy and great ideas are inspirational and have been critical to the immense success of Mirrors. Vipul's vivid imagination and unique teaching approach make learning fun, friendly, and practical, making him the best in the country. His ability to connect with students and give them a nuanced understanding of the craft is unmatched. A big salute to him for setting new standards in the hair and beauty industry and now for paving a path for others to follow.

"Envi Salons"

Vipul has upscaled the knowledge and the level of our stylist. The quality of the training is commendable, and he makes it easy for all our stylists to understand the same. We are delighted to have him on our educational panel.

"Founder of BBlunt"

We at BBlunt have watched Vipul grow over the years. He worked with us on a specific area of training and skills. His influence on the team members he worked with was very positive, and his dedication to the craft is highly commendable.

Green Trends & Limelight Salons

It has been very fruitful to be associated with Vipul on a creative course for our Top Stylists from Green trends & Limelite salons. The training was very inspirational & beneficial, as our staff were upgraded on contemporary hairstyles, various hair cutting techniques & quality delivery. Vipul's ability to create individually tailored looks and hair themes demonstrates his creativity & passion. He is always a pleasure to work with. His calm and elegant personality is just as addictive as his great styling work.


We have known Vipul for more than 5 years, and his association with VURVE is emotional. From conception till date, he has played a vital role in the lives of VURVE's core strength i.e. our stylists. Our best decision was to go on an experimental journey with him to educate our team from the basic foundation to advanced creative hairdressing. We noticed that Vipul had a different methodology for teaching which was intriguing and result oriented. He was diligent, disciplined, driven, and passionate about his cause. His education had not only directly impacted the skill of the stylists but also made them more confident to challenge their fears. The outcome of the courses also rippled into effective results from classic cuts to bobs, styling, creative color, consultation, and most importantly, salon sales. He has been continuously mentoring the teams for 3 years now, and we couldn't be more pleased to have associated with Vipul. This journey is just the beginning of a strong relationship, and VURVE Signature Salon will undoubtedly vouch for the brand Vipul Chudasama.

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