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Beginner Course

Guided by matchless mentors, master the core skills and transform into a recognized hairdresser through continuous assessment and hands-on learning.

Do you need a mentor to guide you through in your hairdressing career?

Do you want to learn the secrets of celebrity stylist VC?

Come be a part of the leading hair academy in Mumbai Vipul Chudasama Academy and see what it looks like to learn from the VC brand. Our Beginners Hairdressing Course is  more than a course, it is your launchpad for your new journey! A truly an introduction to Hairdressing. 

Led by experienced educators, this comprehensive program covers the core essentials of hairdressing. You’ll be regularly assessed through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical assignments, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the craft.

Join us in creating a space where your acquired education transforms you into a hairdresser to be reckoned with. Elevate your skills and aspirations at the Best Hair Academy in Mumbai, setting the stage for a flourishing career in hairstyling.


12 Weeks ( 5 Days a Week )

Theory – Demo – Practical

Time: 9AM – 1PM | 2PM – 6PM
Days: Monday – Friday


10 Students : 1 Teacher


Dedication to learn and develop through practice.

What are we offering you?

What will you learn?

Skill Required

Passion and Respect for the Art of Hairdressing


( 0% EMI Facility / Ask for Early Bird Offers )
Duration: 3 Months

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