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Primary Hairdressing

This exclusive 1-month course at India’s Leading Hair & Makeup Academy is designed to elevate your hair styling skills to a commercial level for female clients.

Are you eager to refine your commercial hair styling techniques and stay ahead of the curve with future female hair trends?

This exclusive 1-month program at India’s Leading Hair & Makeup Academy – Vipul Chudasama Academy is designed to elevate your skills and knowledge in the ever-evolving world of commercial hairstyling for women.

Whether you’re an aspiring hairstylist, or an experienced stylist seeking to refine your commercial hair styling expertise, this course is for you.

This comprehensive course dives deep into the latest trends and techniques used in today’s salons. You’ll gain a strong understanding of evolving hair color, texture, and styling trends, and master advanced cutting and styling skills to create commercially-appealing, salon-worthy looks. This program focuses on practical, fast-moving skills you can start using right away in your career.


1 Month ( 5 Days a Week )

Theory – Demo – Practical

2 PM to 8 PM
Days: Monday - Friday


8 – 10 Students


Freshers or Barbers

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