Masterclass - Your Ticket to Expertise in Cut, Colour & Style
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Masterclass – Your Ticket to Expertise in Cut, Colour & Style

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Knowledge is useful only when shared ― everything you and I know about any given subject or skill has been passed down by those that came before us. With this philosophy in mind, Vipul Chudasama has always upheld the importance of hair education at every stage of the hairdressing career. This becomes extremely vital in a country like India, where Hairdressing as a profession still has miles to go.

It is believed that more than 90% of the country’s hairdressers follow traditional methods that have never been given the benefit of innovation. This not only limits their overall skills but has a direct impact on our industry’s development and growth towards international standards. Access to skill development platforms such as masterclasses with industry experts could make a positive difference in this regard, especially by setting standards to follow.

Another vital reason to invest in formal hair education is to understand the basics right. It is discouraging, yet not unsurprising that many Indian hairdressers are still not aware of geometry’s role in hairdressing. Hairdressing is as much an art as it is a science ― geometry is the key to creating a design as well as executing it. Designing a custom look for a customer takes years of practice, but with an expert masterclass in cut and colour could make the journey much shorter. The ultimate vision would be yours, but a great educator can always tell you what is appropriate for different situations. A masterclass not only opens up your mind and shows you how to view your skills from a different perspective, but also help you identify shortcomings and make necessary corrections to fine-tune your craft.

Just like cutting and colouring, styling is a cornerstone of hairdressing that focuses on the final presentation of your work. No matter how great the cut is or how suitable the colour is, the final styling is what you’ll be judged for. At the right styling masterclass, you would be exposed to several variations of this presentation, from Bollywood and red carpet to everyday street style. This is not only important for professional hairdressers but also freelance artists who could use a couple of styling tricks to amp up their ideas for fashion, celebrities etc.