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Take the first step into the world of makeup & hairstyling with our exclusive Makeup Pro course guided by celebrity makeup artist Pooja Chudasama and her team.

Do you want to become a professional makeup artist? Do you want to learn modern makeup and bridal techniques?

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive learning experience at Vipul Chudasama Academy in Mumbai, where our Makeup Pro program is meticulously crafted to empower both aspiring makeup artists and seasoned professionals. This advanced training initiative is tailored to cover a spectrum of makeup learnings, from fundamental principles to cutting-edge techniques, equipping you with the expertise needed to create stunning looks that can seamlessly tackle challenges, whether within the confines of a salon or on location.

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to elevate your professional knowledge and skills, guiding you through the evolution from beauty basics to the intricacies of advanced makeup artistry. The Makeup Pro program imparts theoretical understanding and facilitates hands-on learning through enriching classroom sessions and action-packed training modules. This ensures that you gain a practical feel for real-world skills, setting you on the path to becoming a proficient makeup artist.

Furthermore, the program is a holistic approach to your success in the industry. Learn the technical aspects and the art of effectively marketing your talent. Explore strategies for staying competitive through impactful portfolio building and collaboration with related professionals, including photographers. At Vipul Chudasama Academy, we believe in providing a well-rounded education that hones your craft and equips you with the tools to thrive in the dynamic world of professional makeup artistry.


3 Weeks / 5 Days a Week With Accommodation

Theory – Demo – Practical

Time: 9 AM – 12 PM OR 2 PM – 5 PM


12 Students : 1 Teacher


A passion and respect for the art of Makeup. Dedication to learn and develop through practice.

What are we offering you?

What Will You Learn?


₹ 55,000 + GST

( 0% EMI Facility / Ask for Early Bird Offers )
Duration: 5 Days a Week / 4 Weeks

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