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Invest in Creativity to Build your Salon Brand

Running a salon business is challenging – ever so now that the world has been introduced to a modern-day global crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. Bouncing back from this setback can be tedious – so, how can you stand out and make a long-lasting impression as a reliable brand? The answer can be found in the merits of building a brand and not just a business.

The salon industry is one of the most people-centric sectors in the modern world. From skilled staff to loyal clients, it is the human factor that drives our businesses towards success. And when we talk about humans, creativity piques their interest and attention. Visibility is the key to building a successful brand – which is why all great brands and professionals do not hesitate to invest in building their image.

Why build a brand through creativity?

Why invest in social media or plan photoshoots – how can that guarantee returns? This is still a problem for many salon businesses. Passion is the special ingredient that helps focus on building a brand. While those who see it as only a way of making money will wonder why to invest in something that only benefits the artists. Here, it is important to understand that the image you build in the industry, through the creativity of your artists, helps in the long-run as potential customers can refer to this work to frame their impressions.

Collection imagery is not just for artists, it is a representation of the quality and creativity the brand offers. However, brand visibility needs more than just imagery – content-centric image building is that vital step; social media is the most cost-effective platform for quality content generation.

How to Create Impactful Content?

It is a slow process with high costs – but you should start somewhere. When I shot my first collection, the investment was basic and the outcome wasn’t great. But it was a start and today, our collections serve as inspirations to many hairdressers.

If you are looking to start creating hairstyling collections, keep these points in mind:

  • Focus on the customer experience and your vision for the brand.
  • Plan and execute a minimum of two looks for each season – summer and winter.
  • Research carefully and give attention to detail – cut, colour, models, props, etc.
  • Budget needn’t be a constraint. Involve your interns/friends as models, hire mid-level photographers, stylists etc. The location and set can be just a white background and proper lighting.
  • Remember to create looks with balance – something artistic yet commercial, so that it shows off your creativity while attracting customers as well.