We have a concept of Planet Enrich. We believe that Enrich is like an eco-system that’s has been nurtured over the years by each and every one of the people who has been a part of the company. And we have them to thank for, for wherever we’ve reached today in our ongoing journey
Vipul has been a very special contributor to this journey during his significant tenure here and even after. If Enrich is known for its strong focus and investments in education, Vipul was one of the early torchbearers of this faith. Using his considerable experience on the floor, he took on the task of leading the effort in training the technician team in the hairstyling discipline and setting the bar high. Vipul also represented Enrich in various competitions and won awards as well as went on to be a part of the country’s first Dream Team as India made its mark internationally in the domain
Even today, Vipul contributes by doing training sessions at our Academy, that he helped set the foundation for and he is part of every celebration in Planet Enrich just as we are a part of his journey

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