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Deepal Gondaliya

“Teamwork makes the dream work.” 

In this new blog series, get to know team Vipul Chudasama a little better, as we take you behind the scenes on their styles, success, and smiles. Meet…

Deepal Gondaliyaour Style Director is a man of few words, nonetheless impactful.  A two-time west regional finalist at the L’Oreal Professionnel IHA (2011 & 2018), Deepal believes in dedicated practice and learning from experiences – a philosophy backed by his quick succession as a technical educator, within a year of making his way to Mumbai to take his passion for hairdressing higher. 

In the salon, Deepal is the go-to expert for simple logical answers to any haircare concerns. His wealth of knowledge misses nothing when it comes to understanding the clients’ unique needs; an advantage that extends to his flair for customised hair design. Customisation is a skill that few can master – to make a client feel comfortable about your recommendations as a hairdresser, you need the calibre to explain the idea in simple words that address any doubts in their mind. And, that level of confidence is inherent to artists like Deepal who has in-depth technical and artistic expertise. 

“I love it when clients who are open with their thoughts and ideas willingly try things that they have never tried before. After all, a change starts with TRYING,” says Deepal. “We all live with beliefs and stop ourselves from getting the best that we can. I like it when clients come with a lot of questions and long observations because that helps the hairstylist to give a precise diagnosis and recommendations. Without the client’s participation, we can not help them look their best. It is important to trust the stylist in breaking mental blocks.”

Deepal joined team Vipul Chudasama in 2016 with a mission to explore the core concepts of artistic hairdressing, for both professionals and salon clients. As an educator, he recommends understanding the logic behind each technique to deduce the results better.

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