“Teamwork makes the dream work.” 

In this new blog series, get to know team Vipul Chudasama a little better, as we take you behind the scenes on their styles, success, and smiles. Meet…

Mrunal Desai – our senior stylist is, understandably, a busy bee! His appointments are long and many, but not for a moment will you see him overwhelmed by all that demand for his attention. MD truly loves hair makeovers and most recently proved his expertise at the western regionals of IHA 2018-19, as a grand finalist in the Cut & Style Trophy category.

In spite of all is artistic brilliance and technical knowledge, Mrunal’s humility is the top quality revered by clients and students, both. “I am blessed to have been guided by the best, which helped me gain immense knowledge in a short period. However, it’s barely scratching the surface – the journey to hair mastery continues,” he says. These words add credit to our philosophy of continuous learning. No matter at what stage you are in your career, there’s always something new to learn in this ever-evolving industry.

It is hard to miss this thirst for knowledge in a hair professional because they would be constantly finding ways to improve themselves – be it their craft or their conduct. After all, hairdressing is a profession that requires a lot of human interaction. It isn’t enough to be an ace at the latest techniques and tools or have a creative bend of mind, consulting and customer satisfaction is a priority to anyone looking to make it to the top. As a senior stylist, Mrunal values people skills as much as technical skills – a quality that he makes sure to pass on as an educator.

Though his personal style preference is classy with a statement element, Mrunal is on board when it comes to experimenting with new hair colour combinations and hair cuts. He admires it when clients trust him to make the best decision on their makeover – a kind of confidence that is proof to his expertise in making his clients feel cared for.

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