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July 29, 2019
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3 Popular Career Paths for Makeup Artists

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Makeup artists are no longer just back-stage assistants that go unnoticed in the bigger picture. As the beauty world climbs new heights, the career paths for makeup artists too have multiplied. The salon is not the only workspace you can consider – here are three popular and extremely rewarding career paths in the modern makeup industry. 

Fashion & Editorial

Makeup artists are an intrinsic part of the fashion world – behind the stage or behind the camera, this is one of the most sought after speciality in professional makeup. Makeup artists working in fashion must be able to think on their feet and be flexible, in addition to having a fine command over a variety of makeup techniques and tools and a keen eye for trends. 

Job opportunities for makeup artists opting for this speciality are peppered across media platforms as well as in fashion/beauty houses. One can also choose a freelancing makeup career and cater to a wider variety of clients like fashion designers, beauty brands, and more.

Celebrity Makeup Artist

Any celebrity who enjoys the limelight would have their own team of creative professionals working together. While it has its similarities to fashion & editorial makeup, celebrity makeup is a more involved process. As the makeup artist, you will have to work in sync with the celebrity on getting the details right as well as coordinate with their hairstylist, fashion stylist etc. Unlike backstage work or photoshoots, this is a job on the go. The makeup artist will be expected to travel and be with the celebrity, almost at all times.

The best way to find your footing as a celebrity makeup artist is to master your basics and then, assist an experienced professional who is already established in the field. Building your contacts and networking is a big part of finding the right opportunity in this makeup career path. 

Bridal Makeup Artist

No matter how natural a bride wants to look, some bit of makeup is absolutely necessary for celebrations like weddings, engagements, and pre-wedding ceremonies. In fact, it is the natural looks that demand more effort and skill from a makeup artist. As a bridal makeup artist, you can either work alone as a freelancer or set up a bridal studio that offers complete bridal beauty solutions. You could also be expected to travel to the wedding venue, especially in the case of destination weddings. 

To be a bridal artist, the experience is key. Firstly, sign yourself up for a basic to advanced makeup course at a reputed academy and then, continue practising as much as you can. Start with friends and family to build your portfolio, until you are confident enough to offer your services to clients. Assisting an established professional or even interning at a salon or bridal studio can give you tremendous exposure in the field as well.

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